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SEO will bring your website for the targetted audience on internet.We are providing seo training in Hyderabad with real time seo professional.Our SEO faculty has good indepth knowledge in search engine optimization.We offer classroom training,Home based seo training, online seo training india for abroad students.

Why should i choose seo as a career?

Here is the answer for the above question.Every firm people wants to make money accompanying their business or service.Before internet people used different marketing methods to advertise their products instead service.These old strategies are prohibition working now a days. Because every business was influenced by internet marketing. People are using internet for their every need.So every diversify people are planning a website with SEO to promote their products or services.

Note:We will update our SEO course statement according to latest updates in Search engine algorithms

Search Engine Optimization Syllabus

Search Engines and History

Why we need Search Engines?
What is a Search Engine?
History of search engines
Classification of Search Engines?
Components from a Search Engine?
What is a Search Engine Algorithm?
How Search Engine Obtain content?
SEO Massive techniques to optimize website for Google

Search Engine Optimization Advantages
Why I intuit SEO?
Why I need SEO for my business?
How to increase sales using SEO?
How does SEO figure in to business ?

Keywords Research and Placement
Online Tools for keyword reasearch?
What is a keyword?
Types of keywords?
How to select proper keywords for my website?
Keyword discovery
What is keyword spamming?
What is keyword density?
What is keyword relavance?

On-page optimization for SEO
Title Tag optimization
Anchor Tag Optimization
URL Optimization
Header Tags(H1,H2) Optimization
Relative LInks Optimization
Image Optimization
webpage Architecture Optimization
Page grind name optimization
Sitemap Creation
HTML Body Optimization
Meta Keyword Optimization
Meta Description Optimization
Meta robot.txt file optimizatiom
How to add Google analytics code for my website?

Off-page optimization for SEO
SMO (Social Media Optimization)
Social Book Marking
Directory Submissions
Free classified postings
Article Posting
Free Press Releases
Blog creation and Blog commenting
Groups brainchild and participating
Forums and seo benefits
Website submission to all major search engines having global database.
Submission to country specific search engines having country related database
Video submission and seo advantages

Tools for better SEO

Free Online SEO tools
What is Website Audit?
Website auditing tools for doctor seo
Importance of website Audit report

Position-Monitoring for SEO
Monitoring website ranking
Renewal of expiry trade leads and posting
Regular research of updated technology for better positioning
Research on current popular directories and site submissions
Updating a website with latest Google Algorithm

Advanced SEO topics
Competitors Website Analysis
White Hat SEO Techniques
Black-Hat SEO Techniques
How to create SEO plan for a website?
What is Affiliate marketing?

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