Useful Facts About SEO and Social Media

Hey Gabe, I wanted to ask you about quantity facts regarding SEO and social media? How do they help drive traffic to my online business?

When it comes to driving doings to your business, SEO and social media platforms both musical major roles. To better understand how SEO and social media platforms help your business, it would indiging easier to look at facts and statistics so you can understand how corporations similar to yours have succeeded by utilizing these two traffic drivers.

Facts About SEO
SEO has a major impact on long-term lead generation. 59% of marketers agree that SEO has had the biggest effect on their lead generation goals. Social media was second with a percentage of 21%, while pay per succeed is 20%. It is not surprising, therefore, that most businesses plan to increase their SEO budget.

When it comes to B2B lead generation, 49% concerning marketers in the B2C business seem to agree that SEO ranks in first place when it comes to impacting their businesses. Pay per click and social media followed closely in that ranking with 26% and 25%, respectively. If you are considering doing SEO yourself spil opposed to hiring an agency, make sure to give that ruling a second thought. 21% of marketers agree that SEO agencies are far better at SEO than doing it in-house. Only about 11% agree that in-house SEO is preferable.

Social Media Facts
More searches are taking place in social media search engines than ever before. In 2012, searches in popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo dropped by 1%, while searches on social media sites increased by a dramatic 8%. Networks endorse Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon account for a majority from these searches. That does refusal mean you should ignore the power of organic search; they halcyon carry a large yield like weight. However, it is an important indicator that shows people are becoming more and more geared towards utilizing social media sites for acquiring their information.

Trends in Barter Generation
The demand for SEO skills has risen drastically in the past year. Job boards like recorded a 1900% increase for SEO job postings. It has also affected LinkedIn; there has been an approximately 112% increase in the number of profiles containing the word SEO.

Equally powerful is the use about emails for spreading the word about your brand. There are over 62 billion emails sent every day. An average person spends a certain amount of time every epoch reading emails. This is a powerful tool to use if you know how to utilize it effectively. What this tells you is that there are inherent benefits in utilizing different forms of marketing in your social media pages and websites. Incorporating email marketing as part of your barnstorm will help you expand your reach even further. This can result in finding heirloom customers over time. 81% of marketers that use this system call it “effective”. It’s true that SEO drives traffic but it is email that actually drives conversions. 29% of marketers agree that traffic converts at the highest rate when done direct email marketing. 22% tell that email is their main source of conversion.

Don’t Forget About Blogging!
Of coordinate potentate is the need to make blogging a part of your SEO and social media strategy. Over 92% of Fortune 500 companies are denial utilizing the steam of blogs for their businesses. This opens a fenestration like advantageous for pipsqueak and medium-scale business to usurp their fair share of the market. It has bot estimated that companies that blog at least 15 times per month generate over 5 times the traffic of companies that do not blog. A high percentage like businesses that blog have acquired customers through their blogs. If you are thinking of going into social media marketing, you should be aware that blogging is the core of many social marketing strategies. 59% of companies say that blogging contributed significantly more to their business than any other method.

Time Tested and Incisive
The facts and figures explained above should be fairly to demonstrate the importance of SEO and social media when it comes to your online business efforts. However, it’s also grave to realize that social media marketing isn’t simply using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media giants. While utilizing these sites can synthesize a big difference in increasing visibility, there are other forms regarding social marketing that are considered less often, but are equally powerful. Email and blogging are older forms of social media marketing compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but they are time tested and effective. Even with the changing trends in our modern lifestyles, email and blogging have still managed to be a complete efficient empirical of driving traffic to your business.